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Removing the hassle

For a bespoke key holding quote, in Yorkshire, please complete our quick quote form to the right of this page.

Why do you need key holding?

After a long, hard day in the office do you really want to have to go back into work, just because your burglar alarm has activated? Do you really need the hassle of dealing with false alarms, vandalism, and even burglary in the early hours of the morning?

You can sleep easy at night and leave the hard work to our team of reliable, fully trained, trusted and SIA-approved professionals.

Removing the hassle

We are an independent key holding and alarm response specialist, providing a highly effective, professional service operating in accordance with BS7984.

We’ll provide immediate response whenever an alarm is activated. We will investigate, rectify and secure your property as needed, and – in most cases – this can all be done without having to disturb you.

How does key holding work? Click here for more information.

For a personalised key holding quote or site visit, talk to a specialist today on 0344 880 7100 or email

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For a personalised quote or a site visit, talk to one of our specialist team today on 0344 880 7100 or email Alternatively, please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.


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