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Leased Systems for Office Parks

09/04/2023 Case Study
Leased Systems for Office Parks

We worked with a Yorkshire office park to upgrade an existing analogue CCTV system to IP CCTV, delivering improved equipment performance and significant cost benefits.

As well as office accommodation, the site includes a nursery, state of the art gym and a multi-storey car park. The role of the office park security team includes managing the needs of tenants as well as up to 400 daily visitors, and the team is committed to providing tenants with complete peace of mind. This means consistently delivering high standards of multi-level on-site security.

Our first job was to install a future-proof high speed fibre optic network infrastructure throughout the site to replace large volumes of cabling with a single Category 6 network cable to each network point. From there, we removed the old cameras, replacing them with high performance IP HD cameras.

Throughout the upgrade, we ensured that no part of the site was ever left without CCTV by running the analogue and IP systems simultaneously. And the whole project was made more affordable by delivering it on a five-year lease option.

The client was so satisfied with phase one that they asked us to move straight on to phase two of the project, rather than wait until the scheduled start date.

Benefits of IP CCTV at a glance:

  • High resolution quality
  • Windows-based, user friendly interfaces
  • Existing analogue cabling can be used
  • Reduction of hardware recording equipment
  • High resolution apps for use with mobile devices

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