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Security Officer hailed for heroic actions in response to fire emergency

02/05/2024 Company News
Security Officer hailed for heroic actions in response to fire emergency

Gough & Kelly security officer commended for bravery after fire emergency

A quick-thinking security officer in a residential building has been commended for bravery as he saved the lives of residents during a recent fire emergency. 

In the early hours of 7 March 2024, Jamie Warters, who works for Gough & Kelly security services received a distress call regarding a live fire in one of the rooms in the accomodation in York.  Warters immediately alerted the emergency services then proceeded to the room to investigate the situation. 

When Jamie opened the door to the room, he was met by flames but without hesitation entered to rescue and safely evacuate the sole occupant from the building. The resident was taken to York Hospital, having sustained no injuries thanks to the quick actions of Mr Warters.

Upon the fire department arriving at the scene, Warters further assisted with the prompt evacuation of the remaining 180 residents, many of whom are disabled, and kept them calm throughout the ordeal. Once the situation was under control, and it was deemed safe, the residents were allowed back to their rooms. However, due to heavy fire damage, the room was deemed unsafe, and the occupant was unable to return.

Following the ordeal, Jamie Warters commented: “When I received the call, I knew the occupant was in immediate danger. I called the emergency services and did my best to get her out of the building.  I knew this tense situation may also put me in danger, but I knew I had to be proactive in getting both the occupant and other residents out of there as it was a life-threatening situation.”

Emily Johnson, temporary accommodation manager at City of York Council adds: “I can’t speak highly enough of the way Jamie managed the situation at James House. His courage, quick thinking, and decisive action for the safety and well-being of residents is truly inspiring.” 

Richard Cuff, Assistant Director - York Division, at Gough & Kelly said: “We were devastated to learn about the fire at James House, but Jamie’s bravery throughout the ordeal is commendable. 

“Jamie is responsible for general safety, access control, and welfare of the residents at James House. Thanks to his bravery and the emergency services, nobody was injured. He has always taken great pride in his work and is a highly valued member of the team.”

Management for James House has been fully briefed on the incident, and all necessary protocols have been followed. The fire alarm system has been restored, and further investigations are underway.