Gough & Kelly

CCTV monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring makes your security investment go further, minimising costs and maximising protection of your people, property and assets. It complements your security equipment and manned security, giving you all the benefits of 24/7 protection without the need for a permanently manned site presence.

Used effectively, remote CCTV monitoring can:

• Reduce the cost of employing on-site officers
• Lower the costs of managing your own equipment
• Manage on-site resources in line with levels of risk
• Guarantee an effective response to all alerts
• Deter crime and increase rates of detection
• Improve safety and peace of mind for on-site staff
• Reassure your customers that security is a priority
• Reduce insurance premiums
• Enable detailed reporting and performance data

Our remote CCTV monitoring services offer a complete range of managed surveillance services. From monitoring CCTV and access control to lone worker protection and asset tracking; facilities management and buildings management systems; and security helpdesk provision with full control room functionality, we can help you monitor and – importantly – act quickly should fast action be required.

The Gough and Kelly Monitoring Centre combines the latest electronic surveillance technologies with rapid mobile response capabilities, which means you can be assured of:

• Swift validation of every security alert and event
• 24/7 rapid response management for any alarm
• Total crisis and contingency management if required
• Support for any incident, from fire to terrorist attack

Combining our extensive market knowledge to integrate the right technologies and people with our national network of security resources, we’ll provide remote CCTV monitoring solutions that deliver long-term cost savings, operational efficiencies and maximum return on investment.

For single, convenient point of contact for all your remote surveillance needs, talk to a member of our specialist team today on 0344 880 7100 or email .