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We are here to help in uncertain times

The security of our people, property and businesses is now even higher on our agenda and demand for our services increases daily as more companies move to home-working. It is, therefore, important to protect our assets so that, when we return to business as usual, we can quickly pick up where we left off.


Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Control Room via control@gough-kelly.co.uk to strengthen the security of newly emptied buildings, by adding additional services such as internal or external patrols, or enhancing your current services.

Please read the various ways that Gough and Kelly can help to protect you:

Alarm Response

As home working has increased, more clients have arranged for us to attend alarm activations at their property. Many have updated their instructions to include day time attendance as well as night.  We are working to ensure we have the right size of team to be able to handle both increased demand and variations in attendance times. 

Locks and unlocks

Where clients do not need locks and unlocks at the moment, we are replacing them with internal patrols. It is important to protect the assets that our businesses depends on so that, when we return to business as usual, we can quickly pick up where we left off. Empty properties are at greater risk of intrusion. Sadly, opportunists will take advantage, where security has not been made a priority and we can also spot maintenance issues and prevent damage and disruption.


Our role as a visual deterrent against intruders is now more important than ever. Empty buildings are easier targets and regular patrols will detect attempts to enter. Our officers will be your eyes and ears for any issues with your property, be they security or maintenance matters, which need rapid attention. Internal patrols also give the impression of presence by doing things like moving the post away from a glass entrance door, for example, or turning on the lights. If you do not currently have patrols, we can set these up rapidly for you. 

Keeping our people safe

To ensure these essential services can continue, the safety of our team and the officers in our network is paramount. We have taken a number of measures to ensure we can continue our important work:

  • To reduce the impact of any disruption in service we have instigated our Business Continuity Plan. In addition to our Head Office in Leeds, a division of the Group operates from offices in Sheffield. Therefore, we have extended our infrastructure to allow all Group services to be deliverable from both office locations to all Group customers. This enables us to offer continuity of service to all our customers from two self-contained operational sites so that our client’s safety and security is not compromised.
  • We have implemented a new operations model of separation between teams to limit the cross contamination of our front-line officers and to ensure there is always cover for our clients, if one team is compromised.
  • We have devised a secure system for the collection of keys, by our mobile response team, so they do not need any contact with office colleagues.

Please support our teams on the front line by letting us know as soon as possible if your premises have been locked down as a result of a confirmed or suspected case of Coronavirus. We can advise on how we can use external patrolling to continue to keep your premises safe.

Working together, we can limit the impact of this situation and get things back on track.



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