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Staying Safe at Christmas

Christmas time can be one of the busiest times of year for burglars, and whether you’re planning to be away from your home for an extended Winter break, or just popping out to another party, an empty house is all the invitation thieves need to target your belongings.

While it may be tempting to attempt a Kevin McAllister style booby trap, complete with swinging paint cans and tarantula, here at Gough & Kelly we have a few easier ways to give yourself peace of mind over the festive period:


Do You Hear What I hear?

A bad habit many of us can get into during our everyday life is neglecting to set alarms. While you might be able to get away with this when you’ll only be gone a short period of time (although we still don’t recommend it) there really is no excuse for leaving your home without an active alarm while you’re not there. And besides anything else, what a waste of a valuable resource!


Merry and Bright

Darkness is a burglar’s friends, and the short days give them even more hours in which to strike, but you can deter them by making sure the exterior of your home is well lit. It may seem obvious and an easy to see through ruse, but the reality is that criminals are much less likely to feel inclined to strike if there’s an increased chance of them being seen.


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

While it’s a good idea to let people close to the business know when you’ll be away over Christmas, be wary of making the information too wide spread or you could risk becoming a target to opportunistic thieves. A Facebook post might seem like a good idea, but try not to make it sound as though no one will be home.


Christmas Wrapping

It can be tempting to have a little humble brag to the neighbours about how well we’ve wrapped our presents this year, but if anyone passing by your house can peer in and see everything laid out enticingly then they’re much more likely to try and take some for themselves. Likewise, try and dispose of packaging for expensive items in as inconspicuous as possible to avoid advertising the contents of your home.


Away in a Manger

As we try and keep surprises hidden while simultaneously unearthing our emergency chairs, there’s a chance we’ll be going in and out of other parts of our property that otherwise may not see much action. Take care to lock sheds and garages, especially if you’re using them to store items ahead of the big day, as these are often the areas thieves will check first at a property.


All I Want For Christmas

It may not be the most traditional stocking stuffer, but when you consider that CCTV can be for life, not just for Christmas, then you might just consider tacking it onto the end of this year’s wish list. Not only will a CCTV system allow you to identify intruders on your property, the sight of a CCTV camera itself is often enough to deter potential thieves.

At Gough & Kelly we provide an extensive wide range of internal and external CCTV camera solutions to fit all applications, from residential dwellings to office blocks, hospitals, museums and public spaces. Our sophisticated CCTV systems can be fully and seamlessly integrated into other areas such as security lighting, access control, intruder and fire alarms.


Wishing you all a very safe Christmas and a secure New Year from everyone at Gough & Kelly!

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