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Spot the tower!

We indulged in a little hide and seek at Gough & Kelly this week when a new customer got in touch with a very specific request.

The owners of a domestic property, located in rural Leeds, were interested in installing an IP CCTV System throughout their grounds, whilst having a minimal effect on the surrounding area.

Always happy to be adaptable to every customer’s individual needs, we stepped up to the challenge and came up with the solution of painting the tower entirely black to help it blend almost completely into the surrounding tree landscape.

To complement the IP CCTV system, a GK Intruder Alarm System was also installed at the property, ensuring that, while the cameras might be camouflaged, they’ll have no trouble detecting everything that goes on around them.

So far, even the most trained eyes have had trouble spotting the tower from a distance. Have you spied it yet?

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