Gough & Kelly

Raymond Harrison

Ray Harrison


Security Officer at Hazel Court Eco Depot, Ray joined Gough & Kelly in 2015 after a distinguished career in the armed forces. We talked to him about how his role has developed as the company has grown.


How and when did you join Gough & Kelly?

I joined Gough & Kelly on 3rd January 2015 after 22 years in the military, hence why I remember the date. I had worked at another security firm briefly, but saw the opening advertised on the MD and jumped at it.


How has your career developed?

I started as a Security Officer, doing night shifts at York City Council West Offices. I spent some time getting used to the civilian way of doing security; it was alien at first to not be armed as a means of protection. Luckily, my calming and de-escalation knowledge came to the fore quickly enough. I have found that everything I learnt during my years in the military; the discipline, respect, patience, is perfect for my job here and I feel I have landed on my feet.

I then moved to the Hazel Court Eco Centre as a Night Service Coordinator, which also involved a level of security. When an opportunity for a daytime Security Officer came up through the company, I applied and got the job.


Tell us about a typical day at Gough & Kelly

I get into the office for 5:30am ready to start at 5:50am, making sure I get a full handover from the night staff. At 8am, I move onto the reception until 11:50am. After that, I do a full patrol of the site, making sure all staff are ok, checking the door guards, managing deliveries, and granting access to anyone who may need it, be it street sweepers to certain premises or gritters to roads. Of course, I also deal with anything else that may come up during the day that requires security help or clearance.

It is a very busy site as there are a few other businesses in occupation, but I enjoy keeping it all running as smoothly as possible.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy meeting new people and being able to make sure that staff on the site are happy. I have become the ‘go-to’ guy, probably due to my own doing! It gives me real satisfaction to help with queries and to get things done.


Gough & Kelly is a great company to work for, I would recommend more veterans apply to work here: our skills fit perfectly and there is a great deal of support and opportunity for ex-service people.