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Kim Bailey

Kim Bailey

Finance Manager, Kim Bailey, joined Gough & Kelly as an Office Administrator in 2004, straight out of high school. We talk to her about how her role has developed as the company has grown.


How and when did you join Gough & Kelly?

There was a recruitment officer at school whose job it was to prepare us for the “big wide world” of work. They found the role at Gough & Kelly; I joined the company two weeks after leaving school and I’ve been here ever since.

My first job was an admin role in the finance team, covering purchase ledger, processing invoices, and generally helping with anything people needed help with. I made a lot of tea! The company was very different when I joined, much smaller than it is today. That was great, because it meant I could get involved in lots of different areas of the business and my role has grown with the business.


How has your career developed?

There was a lot to do as the business grew, and over time I took on more and more. The team here is very flexible and supportive of work life balance. When I had my children, there were always opportunities to increase and decrease my hours to fit in with the business and with childcare.

I’ve always worked in the finance department, and now I’m the Finance Manager, dealing with the day-to-day running of the accounts department and assisting the Management Accountant to allow the monthly accounts to be produced. It has been great to build my career at Gough and Kelly and grow alongside the company.


Tell us about a typical day at Gough & Kelly

I now have a team of people working with me, and it’s my responsibility to make sure the day-to-day tasks are being completed and to look after the welfare of my team. I also make sure they have the training they need to do their jobs. Over the years I’ve worked in most areas of the finance department, which means I can train & mentor others.

Currently, my days involve a lot of checking. We have been building the skills in the team in different areas of the job so that I can start to take a step back from the day-to-day work and help the Finance Director more.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people I work with. We have a good team, a young team, and we have a good laugh together.

I also like the flexibility in the business. It’s getting a lot busier as the company grows, which is giving me the opportunity to do more. All sorts of things come my way, and I can just get on with it. I enjoy being involved in taking the business forward, and I can see how my role is helping to do that.

The recent introduction of the benefits package has been a great boost, too. Because I’ve been with the company more than five years, I’m entitled to a higher level of healthcare benefits, perks and discounts, and an Employee Assistance Programme. The discounts came in very handy over Christmas, saving me money on Apple products and dining out with my family.


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