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Gough and Kelly go global as members of the GCMA

We have become one of the first cohorts to join the newly formed Global Crowd Management Alliance (GCMA).

The GCMA is a worldwide network committed to representing and advancing the crowd management and security services industry within the public and private sector.  The alliance was born out of the Event Safety Summit in Lititz 2019, and the increasing concern from security associations around the world about the increased health and safety requirements brought about by the Covid- 19 pandemic. The GMCA seeks to establish itself as a globally recognised body of knowledge for crowd managers.

We are already part of the UKCMA, the UK crowd management association, and hold a full membership. The UKCMA offers a voice to security professionals engaged within the events industry and has a significant impact on the training undertaken and standards achieved in delivering services relating to public safety in the UK.

To be part of a global alliance means we can be involved with shared learning and awareness around universal crowd management and public safety issues that transcend geographical borders. This will further bolster our event security and crowd management services and will ensure we are able to provide the safest and most comprehensive level of care for all our clients.

Ian Crawford added “It is great and, we feel, very important, to be part of this international network. Not only is it an incredible learning resource that will feed into our services, but we can contribute to and work towards improved crowd management globally.”

To read more about the GCMA, Visit: https://www.thegcma.com/

To read about our UKCMA membership, visit: Gough and Kelly accepted as full member of the UKCMA (gough-kelly.co.uk)

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