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Gough and Kelly can help you resume ‘business as usual’

As the UK can hopefully start to think about returning to some form of ‘normality’, the safety and security of our people, property and businesses is now even higher on our agenda. It is, therefore, important to protect our assets and help reduce the spread of COVID-19 so that, when we return to business as usual, we can quickly pick up where we left off and continue with the challenges we face.

Please read the various ways that Gough and Kelly can help to protect your staff and clients

 Thermal cameras

Gough and Kelly can install thermal cameras (static and handheld), within your premises, so that employees and customers cannot enter the building without their temperature being tested. The cameras detect whether people have a temperature and, therefore, help identify carriers of the coronavirus before they infect others.

As hospitals and restaurants are considering the installation of thermal cameras, G&K believe that they could be a useful tool to enable the transition to a more normal world.

This technology is effective, quick and affordable and has many benefits, such as saving you time and giving you peace of mind:

  • It takes one second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person and if a high temperature is identified, locks the door automatically so the person cannot continue to enter
  • It enables multi-person detection simultaneously
  • It provides non-contact measurement, so no physical contact is needed
  • It provides an immediate alarm to notify relevant personnel

Non touch access control button

Non-Contact exit buttons reduce the risk of spread, particularly where an exit is used by multiple people. They can be retrofit on any access control system that uses “Request to Exit” buttons.

Therefore, we can upgrade your traditional “Push to Exit” mushroom buttons with an infrared sensor so that they will open with just a wave of your hand.  The sensor will trigger an internal relay when your open hand comes within 100mm of the sensor.   No actual contact is required so there can be no transfer of contagions from one person to the next.  The sensor is mounted on a stainless-steel plate and has built in indicator LEDs to signal that the switch has been activated.

COVID-19 Message Speaker

We can provide an IP rated Speaker (for internal and external use) which plays a pre-recorded message or mix of COVID-19 messages (20 pre-recorded) on activation, ideal for places wanting to open up and give out COVID-19 reminder messages about social distancing, washing of hands etc..

Automated Hand Sanitiser

We can provide an easy to use, infrared automatic hand sanitiser with a sensor that detects movement and sprays liquid automatically.  A hand placed under the sensor starts the auto dispenser, which effectively avoids cross infection, without touching the unit. These are available as wall mounted or stand alone and can be used with multiple sensors for external/venue usage.

To find out more, please call: 0344 880 7100 or contact Ian Crawford: ian.crawford@gough-kelly.co.uk


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